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DM920 Merlin-Image für DM 920 UHD

(18. Mar 2023, 12:59:21)iet8 schrieb:

(18. Mar 2023, 11:04:40)hdsuisse schrieb:

if you install manually, you need to install the dependency. Run: apt-get -f -y install

 The skin can also be installed online in the addon manager. That is easier.

  Dear Friend,

  Tإhank you very much for your reply, I am not able to insall the skinfrom Addons  onlien

 I am not able to find way to upload the screenshoot and the crash, so i upload them to mediafire, please find below the link.


dont use the quick reply, use the editor above reply button (Antworten), there you can attech stuff like logs or pictures

Gruss ketschuss


(18. Mar 2023, 11:03:53)Dre schrieb: I don't see any problem here. The command is only telling you that you have to install a package (enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-runningtext). If there's a crash then there's a crashlog which you must adjust to get support.
(18. Mar 2023, 14:02:38)hdsuisse schrieb: ok, we check that

My friend thank you , i think the pb from the image not from the skin  because skin have been isntalled without any pb with prvios Merlin image.


is fixed, thx for reporting.
Merlin oe2.5/2.6 FHD-Skin

(18. Mar 2023, 17:41:29)hdsuisse schrieb: is fixed, thx for reporting.

My freind Thank you again , Was anything modified or changed, so that I can try it to make sure that the problem is solved - I did not find any change or new repair files in order for the problem to solve with the Merlin new release 17 march - I only tried the HDSUISSE.fhd skin with the previous version of the image of Marlin to find out whether the problem is from the skin or the new release of The image and I found that the skin works on the Merlin previous version without problems, and this means that the problem is from the modifications in the Merlin new image release.
also after check an try to install Nuke.evo FHD with the new release Merlin image, and faild to setup through Addons  , i can confirm that the new release of Melin Image  has a pb with FHD skin ( old ver of HDSUISSE.fhd skin have tested with Merlin 17 March and the same pb).

If you need any help from me side and testing repair files, just give me the steps and I will do the experiment and confirm the result.



when the feed was rebuilt, the "runningtext" skincomponent was missing, which is now online again. Everything works with the skins.

Merlin oe2.5/2.6 FHD-Skin

(18. Mar 2023, 18:26:13)hdsuisse schrieb:

when the feed was rebuilt, the "runningtext" skincomponent was missing, which is now online again. Everything works with the skins.

Dear My friend,

Thank you very much ,  now the skins have been installed and working without any problem( Nuke.evo FHD  and HDSUISSE.fhd skin)

the pb have solved


Just to be clear: it was never on our feed. I have a back up of the previous feed and it was not in that one. So, please stop talking about an issue with the image. That's just a lie

Developer Project Merlin

dear My friend @ Dre ,
I am using Merlin's image for years, and we are all members and we respect each other - and you have seen the problem since this morning - so please stop using words such as lying because i am not lire.
I was facing a problem and it was solved after fixing the problem with the feed

It was never on the feed. Full stop. End of discussion!

Developer Project Merlin


Use Merlin on the external flash via Barry Allen 

This version and the previous version have problems with storage device



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